Customer Service Representative I



  • Posted on Jun 17 2024
  • Tampa, Florida, United States


Sales & Marketing and Communications

BASIC FUNCTION (Primary Purpose):

This position is responsible for entering and managing orders to ensure timely and accurate orders are delivered to customers and customers are satisfied. 


Primary Duties & Responsibilities:


Description of duty/responsibility


Sales Order Management Activities (SOM) –

Order creation, Reconfirmation, Delivery creation and Shipment creation activities to include:  Take customer orders (via call or email) to include product needed, timeframe needed and price constraints.  Find the product availability and enter the order and confirm.  Manage any changes to the order to include timeframe, price, product quantity, etc. and ensure customer is aware of impact of changes (i.e., effectively manage his/her book of business). Create the shipment schedule and confirm order.  Be aware of forecast sales targets and communicate with inside/outside sales reps. While obtaining the order, identify cross sell and upsell opportunites with customers based on trends and prior orders (make suggestions; however, no specific quota or territory responsibility).


Coordinate with Fulfillment and Customer Service Mgr to find availability of materials and find alternatives to fulfill order for customer. 


Create account set up details to include credit, logistics and production or products (i.e., SKUs).


Generate internal and external reports to understand order status and identify gaps.


Open and process customer complaints (price, quality and logistics) to include follow up.



Scope (brief description)

This position is responsible for supporting a specific product line or group of customers. Volume of sales and number of customers will range between 46,000 tons to 87,000 tons and between 27 to 170 different customers.  Breadth of knowledge is dependent of area of responsibility but should include a basic understanding of mill and logistics operations, forecast planning, inventory management concepts, shipping and logistics knowledge, and customer service principles and objectives.  CSR I will generally be assigned smaller accounts and slightly less overall volume to manage than CSR II job due to less experience and knowledge. 


Supervisory Responsibilities & Reporting Structure

  • Supervises who (level and number):  N/A (none)
  • Reports to:  Customer Service Mgr


Qualifications and Educational requirement(s):

2 year degree or 1 - 3 year of experience in office or related type of environment; experience with MS Office suite and prefer experience previously with data entry, customer service and telesales.


Skills include: Customer Service, Product Knowledge, Quality Focus, Problem Solving, Market Knowledge, Documentation Skills, Listening, Phone Skills, Resolving Conflict, Analyzing Information , Multi-tasking, Inventory Mgmt/Shipping


Metrics for success:

(what metrics will this position be measured on for performance and held accoutable for? Must be able to be measured and reported on. Top 3-5 metrics)

  1. Data entry errors (order keyed in wrong)
  2. Customer resolution (issue resolution) / Customer Satisfaction
  3. How well do they execute on the sales order?  Possible examples: Sales Plan adherence, Forecast accuracy, partials

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