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  • Posted on Feb 07 2024
  • Monroe, Michigan, United States


Safety, Health & Environmental

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Annual Salary 65K-80K 



The OHN will work with the Safety Department to support and promote worker and workplace health and safety and assist in the prevention, investigation, and treatment of workplace-related illnesses and injuries. The incumbent will be responsible for case management, counseling and crisis intervention, health promotion and risk reduction, legal and regulatory compliance, training, and more.


Monroe Mill






This job reports directly to the Safety Manager. The incumbent will hold a degree from an accredited nursing school, preferably a Bachelor of Nursing, a current registered nursing license in the state of Michigan and will have 3-5 years of Clinical Nursing experience. Occupational health and safety experience and OSHA training are preferred.  Prior experience with Michigan Worker's Compensation case management and claims management is recommended. 


The incumbent must have the ability to analyze and make sound judgments to accurately document and maintain appropriate confidentiality of medical records.  Should have the ability to communicate effectively with employees, physicians/medical professionals, and other outside parties.  Knowledge of state and federal laws related to Worker’s Compensation, and legislation regarding confidentiality. Must be proficient in the use of personal computers and at least an intermediate skill level in Microsoft Word PowerPoint, and Excel. The incumbent must have excellent written communication skills and will be expected to document decisions, agreements, and orders made.


This position is responsible for implementing and evaluating strategies to facilitate maximum medical improvement for employees to return to work when possible and then establishing case-specific target return-to-work dates. Participate in applicable safety meetings and investigations.  Report and correct all unsafe conditions immediately.  Participate in Safety Hour and Safety Culture Index activities, perform Safety Observations, and other corporate safety initiatives such as activities related to the Voice of Safety. Must be available to support off-hour emergencies.





  1. Assess, treat, and advise employees and contractors with minor to life-threatening injuries. Coordinate the transportation of injured workers and contractors as required.
  2. Accompany employees to the clinic/ER if further medical treatment is needed and to follow-up appointments.
  3. Perform rehabilitation therapy if applicable and determine work restrictions and lost time.
  4. Develop professional relationships with local occupational clinics and collaborate with other Health Care Providers to support the worker through the recovery process.
  5. Document, investigate, and manage work-related injuries and illnesses, including Workers’ Compensation claims. 
  6. Work with the Safety Manager and Safety Specialists to develop preventative measures to reduce workplace injuries.
  7. Counsel employees on physical and mental health issues and concerns and guide them toward community resources and Employee Assistance Programs.
  8. Responsible for OSHA Recordkeeping.
  9. Responsible for Medical supplies inventory and inspection.
  10. Conduct respirator fit tests, hearing tests, heavy metal blood draws, PFT tests, crane physicals, PPE fit tests, and vision tests.
  11. Maintain, sustain, and ensure compliance with select Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA), Monroe Mill, and Gerdau Corporate Safety guidelines and standards.
  12. Update injury response and Michigan Worker's Compensation practices and policies.
  13. Plan, oversee, and implement emergency and disaster preparedness programs, and coordinate emergency drills.
  14. Develop and implement health promotion programs such as Ergonomics, health fairs, awareness campaigns, on-site flu shots, blood drives, smoking cessation, exercise, healthy eating programs, and more.
  15. Team Leader for Confine Space Rescuer and Emergency Response.
  16. Trainer for Health and Safety topics such as First Aid/CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, part of safety orientation for new hires, and more.
  17. Schedule physical exams for new hires and return-to-work physical exams.
  18. Research and gather health and hazard data on the effects of workplace exposures and make recommendations as appropriate.



The incumbent is responsible for his/her safety as well as his/her colleagues, seeking continuous improvement related to employee’s health and safety, environment and process efficiency and customer’s satisfaction with the quality of products and services. All efforts must be directed for preventive actions.

Gerdau believes in equal employment opportunity related to all employees and applicants for employment. It is the policy of Gerdau that there will be no discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, veteran status, disability, or other legally protected status.

If you are vision-impaired or have some other disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act / Accessible Canada Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to applying for employment at Gerdau, please contact our Talent Acquisition Team at (866)-788-2798 or recruiting@gerdau.com


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